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Our Platform provides quick solution for personal branding websites. You are one website away from levelling up your professional life.​

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Your personal website is one piece of online real estate that is totally under your control. Your resume forces you to condense your entire work experience into just a few bullet points, but you have more freedom on a personal website to emphasise the information you want potential employers to see.

Your website. Your way.

Our interactive tools are perfect for quick and easy deployment of your website. Taking less time and resources, producing exclusive and effective results.


Select your desired template and answer a simple form.

Add resources

You can add more resources like images, links, or blogs.

Select plan

We offer a wide range of plans from free to enterprise.

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Take your website to the world and start your journey.

Mobile and Desktop ready templates

Website templates designed by industry experts

Choose from professionally made designs for your website to get online quickly and effectively.








A dedicated web development team

Get affordable services from our engineers. Let them make your website while you give them specifications of what you want. We curate and understand your needs and deliver the best output for your identity and online presence.


A drag and drop advanced visual editor

Simple drag & drop solution for you to build your website from ground up. You control every aspect of it; colours, fonts and positioning. For those who want control and precision in their outputs.

Sitify SONIC

Ready templates for fast and speedy deployments

Get affordable services from our engineers. Let them make your website while you give them specifications of what you want. We deliver the website that represents you.

Want your own website?

  • Fast & Quick

    Make a website quickly, it literally takes 15 Mins.

  • No Coding Required

    Our advanced editor allows you to create websites without even a single line of code.

  • Ready Design Templates

    Ready Templates will allow you to quickly get the look and feel you want. So that you spend less time creating and more time building your brand.

  • Fast & Secure

    Our highly reliable servers make sure that your data remains protected and uptime is maintained.

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Sitify's extensive additional features

Tools to grow your website and enhance performance

Fox Analytics

Identify your audience and produce content accordingly. Its is sharp and analytical, like a FOX.

Eagle S.E.O.

Let the world know your existence with the enhanced search engine tools produced by some the most expert SEO tool creators.

Mammoth Lock

Enhanced protection against brute force and DDOS attacks. With this, no hacker shall pass.

Bat Optimising

Removing those extra layers of load and optimising the images and other resources real-time. Fast bug removal and quick server level caching.


SitifyMe provides with features and tools that ensure your online presence in the most efficient and effective that you can imagine. Excellent state of the art templates and growth promoting features ensure a sure shot online presence that brings more business, clients, and popularity. We grow as you do and introduce new and better features to ensure your growth and success.

We stand by you in this journey to success.

Create a website with SitifyMe

Follow these simple steps to create your own websites in less than 15 mins

  1. Sign Up. It required just your email.
  2. Details for website. Enter website name and title.
  3. Choose the template. Browse through wide array of templates.
  4. Information to display. Fill a short form to display your information on the selected template.
  5. Go Live. Publish your changes and go live in seconds.

Growth Booster

Learn the growing design trends and be at the apex of your designing game. Better designs produce better results.


No, No coding is required. SitifyMe provides numerous templates for you to choose from and you can build a website by simply answering a few questions. Even when you are building from scratch, using your own design with the custom builder, you will only need to drag, drop and select options. No coding is required to build a website.

You can start by Signing Up and then filling in the forms after selecting the most suitable template for you. There are no hard and fast rules to building your website. we have broken all the process in simple and easy steps so tat you can focus on building you online presence while we handle the hasrd work.

For basic template based websites, you do not need to do anything. All the templates are mobile ready designs. All templates are designed in such a way that your content is automatically adjusted for mobile and tablets. For websites made through the builder, we have all the features available to view your designs on mobile and tablets in real-time while you design.

With the starter pack, you can have professionally looking and most credible domain name. Eg: when you enter your-name while creating the website domain you have the domain looking like https:://

In such cases, you have following options:

1. Use the templates that are closest to your desired design.

2. View tutorials to learn to design.

3. Hire a Professional. These are professional services provided by Sitify.

Your data is securely stored in cloud storages located around the world. We use some of the most secure and recommended web hosting.

Yes definitely! Our in built tools ensure that your website is indexed well by search engines and for the right keywords.

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